Corporate Social Responsibility

Connect with yourself, discover your genius"

We cannot be at peace with others unless we are at peace with ourselves.

FE Advisory supports the world wide mission of Sadguru Sadafaldeo Vihangam Yoga Sansthan (\\\'SSDVYS\\\') that promotes use of Vihangam Yog life skills to re-establish self-connect and reinforce a life where virtues of self-restraint, respect, contentment, sense of gratitude and perseverance provides a rock solid foundation for anexhilarating and peaceful life.Peace, Youth and Development are interlinked. Any societal progressive transformation requires transformation at individual level. A peaceful society provides enabling environment for progressive learnings to youths of the country.

Blood donation

Five Elements Advisory also runs a blood donation drive in conjunction with medical institutions. This drive is geared at informing and encouraging both internal and external clients of the firm to donate blood and save a life. We are glad to have held successful runs of this campaign and invite one and all to participate in our next donation campaign.


Cancer is the one name that many fear to hear when they go to a health facility for a checkup or treatment. The myths on cancer are both scary and traumatizing to say the least. It is because of the misconceptions, misinformation and exaggerated myths about Cancer that led the firm to run our annual Cancer awareness workshop.

In partnership with various health practitioners and institutions the firm offers free cancer screening to help our participants detect and get treatment if need be, on discovery of cancer. The impact of this awareness workshop has been lauded greatly and we do look forward to educating the masses with the right information and understanding that 'Cancer' should not have to be a death sentence.